Kazan Federal University Russian

Tunable Ce:LiLuYF laser


This is a unique source of UV laser radiation which allows you to get beam and energy characteristics exactly you need.


  • Output UV laser oscillation with tuning from 304 nm to 334 nm
  • Free from solarization
  • Pumped by 297 nm (Ce:LiCaAlF6) or any pulsed lasing of the range 240 nm – 255 nm and 290 nm – 305 nm
  • Amplifies ultrashort pulses of UV spectral range
  • Scales power of laser output up to destruction threshold due to amplification stages arrangement and pulse shortening
  • Independent on pump source characteristics


Parameter Value
Active Medium LiLuYF6:Ce3+ with Lu33+ and other RE ions
Tuning range, nm 304 – 334
Linewidth, nm 0,15
Slope efficiency 20% (314 nm)
Pulse duration, ps 750
Saturation, mJ/cm2 100±15
Beam divergence, mrad 1,2
Size LxWxH, mm, (Weight, kg) 425x160x80,(5)