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Featured products are the result of research of participants at the Kazan Federal University (Former Kazan State University).In 2008 the team established Ultraviolet Solutions LLC with the aim of commercialization of their R&D works, namely lasers of UV spectral range. By the same year the company has received financial support from FASIE foundation, Moscow.

Works are carried out in close collaboration with the Department of Quantum Electronics and radiospectroscopy of Institute of Physics at the Kazan Federal University. This department is a provider of unique training in the field of solid-state quantum electronics, technology, manufacturing of crystalline components, consulting services in the field of quantum electronics devices. The results are laboratory technology for manufacturing of the laser and laser prototype device. At the present time Ultraviolet Solutions are continuing works of product line development in the frame of Start programm of FASIE, Moscow and IVF RT, Kazan.

Our Team

Низамутдинов Алексей Сергеевичhttp://uvsol.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/213123123132-150x150.jpgСемашко Вадим Владимирович

Alexey Nizamutdinov          Alexey Shavelev           Vadim Semashko


A.S. Nizamutdinov, V. V. Semashko, A.K. Naumov, R.Yu. Abdulsabirov, S.L.Korableva Optical and gain properties of series of crystals LiF–YF3–LuF3 doped with Ce3+ and Yb3+ ions, J. of Luminescence. – 2007. – V.127. – P. 71–75.А.С.Низамутдинов, В. В. Семашко, С.Л.Кораблева, А.К. Наумов, В.Н. Ефимов, М.А. Марисов О коэффициенте распределения ионов Се3+ в кристаллах твердых растворов LiF-LuF3-YF3, Письма в ЖЭТФ. –2010. – Т.91, вып.1. – С. 23-25.O. R. Akhtyamov; V. V. Semashko, A. S. Nizamutdinov; A. K. Naumov; S. L. Korableva Intracavity losses investigation of LiCaAlF6:Ce3+ laser, Proc. SPIE – 2011. – V.7994. – doi: 10.1117/12.881886.A. S. Nizamutdinov, V. V. Semashko, A. K. Naumov, S. L. Korableva, M. A. Marisov, V. N. Efimov, L. A. Nurtdinova Characterization of Ce3+ and Yb3+ doped LiF-LuF3-YF3 solid solutions as new UV active media, Proc. SPIE – 2010. – V.7994. – doi: 10.1117/12.881885.